People like Mirko are rare gems, and need to be celebrated.

    mirko grillini

    These workshops profoundly effected people with hugely varying life’s circumstances: including actors who had been in the industry for a long time but had not achieved their "big break" or were not where they expected to be when they began their careers full of optimism.

    On the other side of the spectrum, there were people who were just embarking on their acting careers and were enlightened by the very practical steps and the attitudinal adjustments necessary to survive this rewarding but sometimes very tough profession.

    Many participants had varying personal obstacles that were proving to be mental, physical or financial roadblocks. At the time, I was receiving surgery every 4 weeks and just walking up a flight of stairs seemed challenging enough. Mirko took time out of his hectic personal schedule to spend time with me and instilled in me an attitude whereby no obstacle seemed insurmountable and I started to expect better things in my life.

    For this, I will be forever indebted. And I know many other people in the industry have been touched in a similar way. People like Mirko are rare gems, and need to be celebrated. Without such souls, the industry would be a very isolated place.

    Kaushik Das