From unknown workshops' attendees

    mirko grillini

    Mirko was kind and cheerful, made a nice atmosphere, explained all answers in great details. I highly recommend he continues talking to other student actors”

    The talk was educational and inspirational. It made me have to think at some priorities and restructure my plans. Better That I do it now than down the track. I found the talk and the way it was structured, great and beneficial.

    Mirko was very energized and motivational, his bluntness regarding the challenges of the industry as well as finances was very helpful. Thank you Mirko, I would definitely recommend it and go again.

    He was awesome!! I learnt a lot about what to/not to do when it comes to the industry. He was very inspiring and happy which made everything seem a bit more realistic and doable.

    Thanks for coming and speaking with us, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Knowing what’s coming up in class was very helpful, as was having a career path idea plus some ideas on how to go about it all.