The Chef

Chef/Presenter and Culinary Coach. Born and raised in Bologna, he made Australia home in 1992. He began cooking classes in 1996, bringing to Queensland cooking schools the art of making pasta by hand. In 2004 he wrote and produced his first cooking book and began his mission to highlight Italian traditional rustic cuisine and Italian culture followed by a second one in 2006.

Graduating in Performing Arts, he combined his acting and cooking skills to present live events and television food segments working with international brands and hosted large food events and national food shows and TV programs. His passions are evolution, multicultural expansion, discovery, and nutrition.

How do we make it fun and simple to look after ourselves? For the past 5 years, Mirko has embarked a humanitarian mission where food becomes the link in building communities and bringing people together, where culture becomes an exchange of knowledge so that curiosity can supersede the fear of differences.

We are what we eat, what we breathe and what we feel.






As part of my mission to bring cultural awareness to the world and stimulating the building of communities, I have travelled many regional/Outback areas running group hands on classes on rustic cuisine. Here is an example of classes run in Theodore and Cracow (QLD) back in 2010.


Mirko and his wife Amanda also occasionally accept booking for Private Dining experiences. You can contact us directly or through the agency.